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Have you overcome difficulties but don’t have the time or energy to turn what you’ve learned into a book?

Publishing House Press can help! 


We aim to make book publishing accessible to those with messages to share and limited time to share them by providing access to best-selling authors who can do the lifting.

Do you have a book inside of you that you want to get out?

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In 1999, I was an unemployed dog walker. Yes, you could argue that walking a dog was technically employment but when you’re paid $10 a day to clean up after a dog, it’s hard to convince anyone that you’re actually a writer (especially when you’re a cat person).

Then I bottomed out after a struggle with addiction, got sober and began to go after what I wanted without my biggest enemy (me) blocking the way.

By 2005, I was appearing regularly on CNN, Fox News, VH1, MTV, CBS, NBC and CNN—on shows like Hannity and Colmes, Showbiz Tonight, the CBS Morning Show and The Talk — talking about the very thing that had caused my initial ambitions to get so thwarted: addiction. I began speaking at colleges across the country on the topic. I also started landing lucrative spokesperson jobs and being quoted in publications like Men’s Health and Glamour. I began writing for, among other publicationsThe New York Times, Vanity Fair, Self, The LA Times, Playboy, Redbook, Cosmo, Women’s Health, People, Variety, Details, Buzzfeed, The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post. I got a job answering sex, dating and relationship questions twice a week for three years, began producing a storytelling show and watched as mountains of press piled up.

I’m not saying any of this to brag. I’m saying this because the main thing that changed between 1999 and 2005, aside from my finding recovery from addiction, is that I wrote a book about it. That book wasn’t a major bestseller, didn’t get reviewed in many mainstream publications and was never made into a movie (though it was optioned and a script was written, that script was put into turnaround, which is Hollywood speak for it will never see the light of day) (related: if you want the movie rights, they’re available).

My point is this: my book was what they call a mid-list book*, an average performer, a non Million Little Pieces or Eat Pray Love. And still it transformed my career from part time dog walker to (and trust me, I cringe a little writing these words) media personality. This meant that when I created a website in 2012, I was able to sell it to investors nine months later—not because the traffic was stupendous but because, as the investor told me, “You’re worth a lot even if your site’s not worth much. We’re paying to get you.”

I’m certainly not the only one who’s watched a career transform simply because they published a book. Tony Hsieh went from the guy who started Zappos to business guru after the publication of Delivering Happiness. Sheryl Sandberg transitioned from Zuck’s #2 to leader of a worldwide movement for women with the release of her first book. James Altucher transformed from investor advisor to media personality with his mega bestselling Choose Yourself. Wellness expert JJ Virgin went from earning $2 to $6 million the year after her first book came out. Just how many examples of this are there? Enough for me to have written a story about the topic for Entreprenuer.

The reason success follows a book release is fairly simple. “If people read my books, they’ll buy my products,” Virgin told me. “We have a relationship. They just took you into their bedroom or bathroom. They feel like they know you.”

So my question to you is this: why shouldn’t you be one they know?

*Best-seller-dom came later, on my fifth book. Better late than never!

-Anna David, Founder, Publishing House Press


Publishing House Press (PHP) is a book production company that provides clients with consultants, writers and editors to see their book from initial idea through finished manuscript within a few months. Run by professionals who have been in publishing for over two decades, PHP has worked with editors at Harper Collins and Simon and Schuster, among others, as well as agents at William Morris Endeavor and other top companies.



In addition to conceiving of, outlining, crafting, writing and editing your book, Publishing House Press can consult with you about various publishing options—including printing and distribution.

Clients receive sole credit on their books and have final approval over the manuscript. Clients also retain 100% net royalties and rights to the files and work and are thus free to sell the movie and TV rights without any obligation to PHP.


Make book publishing accessible

PHP’s goal is to make book publishing accessible to those who don’t have the time to work with a typical ghost writer or the patience to go the traditional route (that is, pay a writer upwards of $10,000 to write a book proposal when only roughly 2 in 10,000 manuscripts publishers receive are purchased and released). We combine the information gleaned from traditional publishing with the financial rewards, benefits, and flexibility of independent publishing.

Cut down on time 

Our secondary goal is to allow clients to continue doing what gave them the exerience and knowledge to have material for a book. In other words, we work diligently to cut down on the time the client needs to devote to the project; our goal is to complete interviews with the client within 15-20 hours and to do it at the client’s convenience, whether that means on the golf course, over Skype or in a more traditional business setting.

Additional services, including help placing or publishing/shipping/distributing the book, assistance with covers, Amazon page creation and more are available upon request.


Traditional publishing is broken: most successful people don’t have the time to write, most writers don’t know how to publish, and those that do publish are not supported enough through the process or rewarded adequately for their efforts.

Do you have a book inside of you that you want to get out?

Contact us at

Contact us at